Hi there, Thank you!

Hi there, Thank you!

Hi there! National Geographic future journalist, NAFA future cum laude student!

It was the beggining of September when I first know you personally. Because of the Real Madrid tumbler you use, that left me curious since the beginning of FANTASTIC. We were glad to know each other, as we realized we have essential thing in common, we’re both football fans!

As times went by, our discussion grews from football to politics, life and sometimes boys, HAHAHA. We went into some competition together, you handle the 3D WALLMAGZ, while I did the speech. Sometimes, we went to debating competition together as a team.

When I see you at first, proudly telling your story of falling from the 2nd floor and ringing the break bell at your JHS, I never know that we will be connected this close. I thought you’re just one of those crazy girls I can’t be friend with, but it turns out that despite all the craziness you did, you have strong values that you keep deep inside yourself. The values that actually connects us.

We’re totally different poles. If others rely their friendship based on the similarities they have, we rely ours on the differences we have. A&B, photography and writing, all kinds of dramas and medical drama only, 3D wall and speech and many more!

This Tuesday, when I know I failed in the SBMPTN, you’re the first person I call, eventhough we said nothing. You just hearing me crying out loud and stayed there for a minute or so, before you hang up.

And today, when I fall again, you keep on motivating me and reminding me about our dream. The word that you keep repeating “Came on, finish our failures stock when we’re young”. The word that keeps on chanting inside my head today.

So Hay, please let me say this, THANK YOU FOR ALL THINGS YOU HAVE DONE TO ME, thank you. I do really owe you a lot, I really do. From all hours you spent to listen my thoughts on everything, my fears, my problems to all time you made a smile in my face bcs the silliness you did, to the times you taught me about life, to the times you spent in cheering me up, THANK YOU.

I am beyond blessed to know you and I am forever grateful. See you on the TOP, Syahira!


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